Why us?

Too much copies...so little time. You've come to the right
place. Many of our first time customers have called our
competitors first but only to be turned down due to too
short a turn a-round time or being quoted a ridiculously
high price for being such a rush job. Or worse, they'll
quote you a low price but cannot deliver on time. You'll be
surprised that our prices for rush jobs may be comparable
to our competitor's "regular" jobs. We believe in charging a
reasonable price. With our state-of-the-art digital
equipment and our more than 30 years experience, you
don't need to look elsewhere to get your jobs done.
We don't open 24 hours but we'll work 25 hours for you.
We don't need to redo your job because we always do it
right the first time, if you give us correct instructions.
We don't take passport pictures...Foto Express will take
care of you.
We won't ask you "What's that?" when you ask if we do
bates stamping because we've done millions of them.

Copyman Digital
P.O. Box 2439
San Jose, CA 95109
(408) 998-2679                             
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