About our business

Started in 1985, we provide services to businesses and
corporations, focusing on law offices, architectural firms and
non profit organizations. If your office has anything that needs
to be scanned, copied, printed or bound, we are just a phone
call away. We will pick up and deliver your job at no additional
charge with a minimum order.

Our business philosophy is not that of big and impersonal,
but rather small and personal. When you deal with us you are
dealing with someone on a personal level, someone who
knows what he/she is doing. We don't sit on a fancy chair in a
fancy office and tell the customer to take a number. We will
virtually bend our back backwards to get your job done on
time. Of course we will  appreciate it if you give us enough
time to complete the job.
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Copyman Digital
P.O. Box 2439
San Jose, CA 95109
  (408) 998-2679

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