A Lawyer?

If you are a lawyer or works in a law firm and need a
reliable outside copy service to do your copy work, look
no further. You need a service you can depend on all
the time, not just some of the time.

We charge a reasonable price according to the
difficulty of the job. The easier the job the less we will
charge, vice versa. With the experience and dedication
no others have, you can be assured your jobs will be
done accurately, on time, and at a reasonable price.
We have been doing this kind of work for over 30 years.
We take confidentiality very seriously...we shred
all bad copies before recycling them. You don't
have to worry about sensitive documents getting
into the wrong hands.
Below are some of the services we offer:
  • Briefs
  • Document Production
  • Deposition Transcripts
  • Files Duplication
  • Medical Records
  • Bates Stamping
  • Confidential Stamping
  • Exhibit Tabbing
  • Courtroom Exhibits
  • Document Scanning

If you need a photographer to take pictures on site, call Henry
(from Foto Express) at (408) 971-3977. He has over 20 years
experience as a professional photographer and charges a
very reasonable rate.

Unlike other service providers, we won't charge you
lawyer prices just because you are a lawyer. Let us
prove that to you.
(408) 998-2679
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Copyman Digital
P.O. Box 2439
San Jose, CA 95109
Litigation Support Services
From document production to
bates stamping, there is nothing
we cannot do. When you ask if we
do bates stamping, we won't reply
with a "huh?" but instead we will
ask "Do you need a prefix?"

If you have a brief that needs to be
copied and filed immediately, don't
waste precious time by calling
around. Call us first and we'll get it
done right away. 99% of the time
we are able to get it done with plenty

time to spare for filing. We can even file it for you for a
small fee if you want us to.