Exhibit Tabs

We stock the 3 most common exhibit tabs law offices use.
With over 6 filing cabinets full, I'm sure we have it in stock
for you.  

Below are the type of tabs we stock:

  • Side number tabs (without the word Exhibit) 1-200
  • Side alphabet tabs (without the word Exhibit)
  • Bottom alphabet tabs (with the word Exhibit)
Bates Labels

If you use labels to number your document, we sell an
alternative to the Avery 5167. With quantity, you can save
as much as 50% as compared to Avery. They work with all
laser and inkjet printers. They also work with most
copiers. You can also purchase them online at our online
store at
Select DT-25

Copyman Digital
P.O. Box 2439
San Jose, CA 95109
(408) 998-2679
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You can buy individual tabs or in packs of 25 uncollated
tabs...or you can just bring us your job and we'll tab them
for you as needed. You don't even have to worry about
stocking them in your office. If you buy them from office
supply stores, most likely you'll use only a few tabs and
the rest will be wasted, making it more expensive for you.
Exhibit Tabs &
Bates Labels